Harley Qwednesday :: Here Comes Harleyween!

Stumped for a good Halloween costume? Have a penchant for pie-in-the-face mayhem? Do you look mad-sexy in red and black (and domino mask?)

Then why not make this year All Harley's Eve?

Ahh, the classic. Gotta love it!

Or you can go out on the town as a 'sexy Harley Quinn' (personally I think the standard costume is sexier, but I'm weird like that.)

Or you could go as this non-licensed number called simply 'Sassy Jester.'

If my gal wore any one of these I'd go as a Joker-parody of the Justin Timberlake / Andy Samberg song 'Dick in a box' only my costume would be 'Jack in the box.'

Get it?

Hahahaha I kill me!

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