Riddle me this Batman...

...What toy manufacturer so botched a sure thing that they are only now, after the show has been canceled, releasing a Riddler action figure?

You can tell it's Mattel!

These newly released Stealth Strike action figures (spotted over at The Bat Blog) include an unmasked Batman and a Riddler, as well as a couple repaints because...Mattel.

And just in time for kids to not find the show on Cartoon Network, who ALSO botched a sure thing by hiring an epileptic schizophrenic to schedule the damn show whilst the bean counters giggled at re-runs of Johnny Test. (No offense to any epileptic schizophrenics out there, which I am sure there are at least a few amongst our esteemed Toyriffic readers. Offense is meant to fans of Johnny Test. That show sucks.)

Anyways, I am sure this is just Mattel cleaning house, getting out the last few toys that were still in the pipeline as the show was sent to an early grave. I suppose I should be thankful these exist. I'll reserve judgement for if/when I actually see these in stores.


  1. Mattel strikes again. I think we all need to go work there and set that palce straight. Or start our own toy company. Still cool looking Batman figures though.

  2. No surprise that this has happened it seems like things like this does often with toy companies. And it sucks that B&B is going off the air what's worse is talking to "Dark Knight" fan boys that welcome this because the show wasn't really Batman because it wasn't dark and broody like they felt it should be. I guess these folks never watched Super Friends.

  3. When I was a kid, and Star Wars figures were rife (to this day I've never seen any figures so... everywhere, they were like currency for kids), you know those last few figures had really nice sculpts- I always wondered, why don't Marvel or DC do figures like that? Affordable, not too many articulations? The Star Wars line seemed just huge, and the only reason it fizzled was because the films were becoming a distant memory. (I remember being in the toy store when they were taking them off the racks and back into boxes, and of course I'd never seen these new figures! I could only afford 3 so I grabbed Barada, Imperial Gunner and Yakface. If only I knew!) I see some smaller Marvel/DC figures knocking about these days, but I think they missed a trick back then...

  4. @ John:

    Occupy Mattel?