Catwoman Purrrsday :: A Very Catwomany Christmas!

Christmas is over, and in true Catwoman fashion, it's time to look at some loot!

As reported previously, I was able to find the Catwoman City Chase Lego set #6858 before Christmas, but I had to keep it under wraps (literally) until my daughter was able to open hers for Christmas. Probably not a news flash: She LOVED the set!

I had been keeping mine (yes, I bought one for both of us!) at work so as not to let the...ahem...cat out of the bag too soon, and true to form I could not resist it, first opening up the mini figures and finally, on December 23rd, assembling the entire set!

My thoughts? This set is awesome. The mini figures are of course a delight, Catwoman's motorcycle is a fine vehicle for our feline-ious foe, and the street corner with mail box and newspaper stand would fit right in with any Lego city scape, which adds playability to this small set. The 'crates' are kind of a silly addition, until you realize you can use them to pose Batman/Catwoman/The Catcycle on, then they become a little cooler. Two of them could even be used to store loot in, so I suppose Catwoman might use them to smuggle her diamonds out of town.

Batman has a little jet pack you build and mount on his back, and of course Catwoman has a giant diamond and her whip.

The set comes with 'claws,' but one odd thing - the set is supposed to only come with one set of claws, and they are listed in the instructions as part of Batman's jet pack. But both my and my daughter's set came with two sets of these claws (as well as a few other small 'extra' pieces)...so they can appropriately be used as weapons for Catwoman.

Even if your set only comes with one of the claws, I do think they make a better cat weapon than bat jet pack addition, and the jet pack doesn't suffer aesthetically at all from their lack of inclusion. So I suggest you give 'em to Catwoman.

"A light won't lite on one side..."

This set is listed at $12.99 on Lego's shop website, but sold at Toys R Us for $17.99 when I bought it (and is listed on TRU's website at $19.99!) Preposterous! I recommend you hold out and buy this set for closer to $12.99 once it starts hitting places like Target and K-Mart (I saw one there on Tuesday.)

It is of course a 'must have' set, but I sincerely doubt there will be mass shortages of any of these sets as we roll into the new year.

I just love the cute little mailbox!


  1. Very nice set! I can of wish Batman had the option of his normal cape along with his backpack but other than that it's great. : )

  2. Very cool set. I love how Batman looks, but I agree with Jboy, it would be cool if Batman came with an alternate cape.

  3. pretty Great! i love the crates, mailbox, & everything!!