Playmobil Fi?ures Up Close

Cool Toy Review has posted their Toy Fair 2012 Playmobil photo gallery and they have close-up pictures of most of the Fi?ures in the upcoming Series 2 and Series 3 line-ups! (The Vampire girl for Series 2 was noticeably absent.)

Below are my 'Must Haves:'

 Spy Girl from Series 3 tops my list. Can a Playmobil figure be hot? If not, I need to see a shrink.

 Alien girl, superhero or Lady Gaga. You decide, meanwhile I have to have her!

Darth Vader knock-off. This guy is pure seventies knock-off goodness, and reminds me of all the Not-Star-Wars toys that came out back in the day.

 Elvis. This one is for the Mrs.

 Lara Croft. Conceptually too cool to pass up!

 Some sort of robot. I'm on the fence with this one, I'll wait and see when I'm squeezing packages.

 Queequeg! YES!

The Statue of Liberty. Recreate Ghostbusters 2, Playmobil style!


  1. For me it's going to be....

    Space Villain(Darth Vader)
    Space Robot
    Space Hero(Voltron Pilot)
    Alien Girl(Lady Gaga)

  2. it's not darth vader it's an alien,that's it,only an alien

  3. I Think #1 is Selene from Underworld, #2 is Lady Googoo (Justin Beiber is Around in Series 3 Too...), I've got Elvis!, #6 Looks Like a Zord from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (A Power Ranger was in Series 2 too), is it Clear Plastic...?, I'm Waiting for The Liberty Statue!

    1. I'm not familiar with 'Underwold' enough to speculate but if so that's pretty cool!

  4. If the Spy Girl in Black on top wears a holster in her back, she seems to be Charlize Theron in "Aeon Flux" because she really seems to ; an Hollywood movie entirely located in Berlin, so very popular for German people !

  5. Holey Moley! While I have never seen the movie I am familiar with it (and of course the cartoon,) and looking at Theron's film costume just now...I think you are right! Now I need that figure even more! Thanks for solving the mystery!

    1. You welcome!
      I immediately thought about Theron's "Aeon Flux" the first time I've seen this figure. Hair style, Black jumpsuit and one gun, that's nothing else but her!