Movie Masters...Joseph Gordon-Levitt?!?!

Okay, if anything at all is indication that the character of John Blake (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is going to be a big (and I mean HUGE) deal in the upcoming smash hit The Dark Knight Rises, it is the fact that he has a Movie Masters action figure coming soon!

Oh yeah, and Alfred. There will have been three movies in this Bat-trilogy and it is only now that one of the most pivotal characters in Batman mythos and the Nolan movies, Alfred, is just getting his treatment in the Movie Masters line. It took until far after the second film was released that Jim Gordon even got a figure!

Yet here we are, months before the release of The Dark knight Rises, and we're supposed to accept that some ordinary beat cop played by the kid from Third Rock From the Sun is somehow worthy of plastic and collectors' shelf space? Not even Ra's Al Ghul, the lynchpin of the trilogy, has been immortalized (pun intended) in Mattel's Movie Masters line!

But here we have policeman John Blake.



Mark my words, 'John Blake' is going to be IMPORTANT in the upcoming end chapter to Christopher Nolan's amazing Batman trilogy!


  1. I've been thinking there will be a tie to Thomas "Catman" Blake... i'll be combing the film for references i'm sure