Secret Wars Triumvirate

When I was a kid I owned three Secret Wars action figures. I definitely wanted more, and remember looking at the cardbacks and Sears catalog for hours thinking how cool the other characters were. Especially Dr. Octopus. I really wanted him but never got him. I know, who ever thought Dr. Octopus was awesome? Probably just me.

Not sure who got me the three I owned, or how or why I even came about them - I don't know if they were Christmas presents or birthday presents or if I picked them out with my allowance or even if I got them all in one shot or if I got them on separate occasions. I just remember playing with them for hours and hours in my backyard and loving them all. The three I owned were the three characters heret: Iron-Man, Dr. Doom and Wolverine.

At the time, my comic book knowledge was rather limited, and my first exposure to each of these guys was through their Secret Wars action figures. I had no idea until many years later, for example, that Wolverine's claws were actually part of his body, I thought they just snapped on like the toy.

I finally have all three band members together again. Sadly I don't have Wolverine's claws or Doom's guns, but I can get over that since I got Wolverine from a thrift store and Doom from the flea market. I did buy Iron-Man a few years ago mint on card off eBay, so I do have his shield with the lenticular cards, but those were never anything I played with as a kid anyways so who really cares about those.

I love having these three together. They really bring me back to my childhood and the good times I had with these guys. If I were a comic book writer I would totally write an epic story that involved these three. And I would insist that the artist give Doom that garter belt!


  1. They might not have been able to compete with Kenner's Super Powers line, but Secret Wars could still be a lot of fun. Sadly, the only one I ever owned was Kang, and that's probably due to the fact he was on sale, since he was one of the main peg warmers of the line. He still managed to end up as one of my favorite figures though.

  2. I have thought about using Ray to make some Wolvy claws for mine...

  3. This toy line could have been even more epic had they made more characters.

  4. Not sure if you know, but Doom's garter belt was actually a holster for his gun. Not sure why Doom needs a gun but there you go.

    1. Yeah, he also has a spot oh his back where his other gun clipped on too!

  5. Classic! I still have the ones i owned as a kid.