Harley Qwednesday :: Kimberly Moore as Harley Quinn

This week is a Cosplay Double Feature, as we give you Kimberly Moore as Harley Quinn today and tomorrow you will see Kimberly Moore as TDKR Catwoman!

Oooh, dangerous!

Kim's Harley Quinn is an original creation and a great original 'take' on the character.

Automatic weapons; every gal needs to know how to properly accessorize!

Kiss kiss bang bang.

I'll let Kim take it from here:  

My name is Kimberly Moore. I am an actress, model, singer and dancer. I live in New Jersey and I'm originally from upstate New York. 

I have been cosplaying since 2009. I have cosplayed Luigi, Tails, Harley Quinn, Black Cat, Leeloo, American Dream, Ms. Marvel, Jessica Rabbit, TDRK Catwoman and Sue Storm. When I cosplay I like to put my own costumes together and make my own version of the character or make an exact costume of the character. Rather than buy a store bought costume. 

My favorite cosplays so far are Sue Storm, Jessica Rabbit and TDKR Catwoman. I love going to conventions and I try to go to as many as I can. My favorite conventions I have attended are Otakon, NYCC and Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. When I go to conventions I go there to promote myself as an actress and model.

I enjoy modeling fashion, swimwear, lingerie and my cosplays. I love acting on stage, fan films and feature films. My greatest goal is to make it big in the entertainment business and make myself known to everyone. Acting and modeling is my life, it makes me very happy and I want to share with the whole world. I am a very confident, talented and beautiful girl who has always wanted a place in the entertainment business and I hope I get that chance.

Well Kim, if making it onto Toyriffic two days in a row doesn't get you on the fast track to fame and fortune, I don't know what will! ;) Thanks a bunch!

Be sure to follow Kimberly Moore on her Facebook page, and tune in tomorrow for Kim as Catwoman!


  1. Awesome! Looking forward to tomorrow as well!

  2. There is never a shortage of lovely ladies to play Harley.