Swamp Raider Killer Croc

I have a 'love/hate' relationship with Mattel.

Basically, I love to hate Mattel.


But seriously.

The thing is, Mattel can and often does make good toys. They just don't seem able to handle the pressure of walking the line between kid and collector. When and if they do, it is more attributable to luck than skill. When they don't, you get Batman with hex holes. Or the atrocious TDKR toys on shelves now (all except for this past Thursday's Catwoman that is.)

Thankfully there is another new Batman line on shelves now that will partially soothe my Bat needs while I simultaneously lament the poor plastic execution of The Dark Knight Rises.

The line is called Power Attack, and the toys, while aimed squarely at kids, hit enough high notes for the 'collector' me to send me wailing and jonesing for more than a few.

Get it? Wailing and jonesing...Waylon Jones...Killer Croc? Is this thing on?

'I don't get it.'

Anyways, when I first spotted Swamp Raider Killer Croc on Come, See Toys I knew I had to have him.

Power Attack Swamp Raider Killer Croc looks like no other Killer Croc before (well, sort of - see last pic below) but was clearly inspired by the video game Arkham Asylum; the orange asylum issue pants, a belt that looks like some sort of inhibitor, and even the metal neck armor (instead of the shock collar on the video game version) are very reminiscent of Arkham Asylum/Arkham City. Which makes sense. Kids today are more likely to know Killer Croc from those two video games than any other media.

The 'metal' lower jaw is a neat design touch. I can imagine KC getting his jaw busted or torn off in a battle with Bane and it being replaced with a metal chomper by some deranged scientist ala Dr. Strange. Or at least his lower jaw is bionically enhanced with an armor plate. This is Croc 2.0: Bigger. Badder. Crocker!

I tend to prefer a tail-less Killer Croc over designs that incorporate a tail. Although most KC designs nowadays see him as more crocodile than human, when I was introduced to him in the comics he was merely Waylon Jones, a man with a skin condition, not a mutant crocodile. But with this version I can just assume the metal jaw came with some gene splicing. Or I could remove it, but then he's left with a gaping hole on his rump. Better to have a tail.

'I'll teach 'ya to park in my spot!!!'

The toy is nice - minimal articulation (which I generally prefer,) head, shoulders, hips, and  elbow articulation. Just enough. I'm disappointed that his jaw is not articulated - the plastic is very malleable, and while that may be a design choice it will more than likely lead to a torn bottom jaw if you budge it around too many times (back to why I hate Mattel again.)


In fact, the plastic that makes up Killer Croc's arms also seems a bit soft. I hope that doesn't become an issue as this figure ages. Maybe it was a design choice to enhance play value for caped crusader squeezing fun, but it's hard to believe it won't affect the figure in the long run (for example, if someone were to keep this figure MOC, they'd probably end up with the same 'frosting' effect that plagued many JLU collections. I think after all is said and done, it's just cheap plastic.)

On the plus side, Killer Croc is huge (a smidge over 6") and very well priced at $8.99 (Target.) Not too shabby when you can't get a 4" Iron Man for under $10 these days. It's nice to feel like you are getting your money's worth, especially without an accessory or a stand or a Collect and Connect piece.

On the minus side: he's apparently shipped one per case. So he's destined to be one of the 'hard to find' figures for the line, at least in the early days.

But I wouldn't worry too much; I doubt this line will be very highly sought after by any more than die-hards like me. And eight year olds. I'm in good company.

PS I just noticed the jawline of Swamp Raider Killer Croc is almost identical to the Fisher Price Imaginext Killer Croc. Same designer I would imagine, and a cute little similarity!

'Have you seen this boy? Missing since 3/5/1986. Age computer-progressed 26 years; oh and a metal jaw was added in post-production, because metal jaws are just badass.'


  1. I like it. He reminds me a little of the newer ninja turtle Leatherhead figure.

    1. True, I always thought that Leatherhead looked like Killer Croc :)

  2. I like this version of old Croc and seeing as i hate the movie rendering of the Lizard in the new Spidey movie this lizard might fill the bill for me action figure wise lol.

  3. I can't wait to pick up some of these Power Attack figures. Between your site and BattleGrip I think I'm sold on this line, the style looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Isaac and I want this one so bad!!!!

  5. I am totally down with this line. Almost too cool to actually exist. I got myself Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Batman & Robin so far. I need to get Two Face still. I really haven't bought many Batman toys in years, probably since the old B:TAS animated line. I really dig these new sculpts, and hope they blend into the new TMNT line. I could see Killer Croc fighting Leatherhead!