Playmobil Fi?ures Series 3 due out next month!

According to their catalogue, Playmobil's blind bagged Fi?ures Series 3 are due out this August in the US - and you know I have to have at least a couple of them: namely Spy Girl and the Statue of Liberty!

This release includes the following awesome Fi?ures:

Quequeg Pirate
Hockey Player
Judo Master
Jamaican Drummer
Celtic Knight
Justin Bieber
British Guard
Racecar Driver

Southern Belle
Surfer Girl
Indian Princess
Figure Skater
Flamenco Dancer
Statue of Liberty
Spy Girl
Pregnant Lady
Horse Rider
Bride (may also be a pregnant lady, hence the rushed wedding!)
Lady Gaga

I'm not sure what the overseas release schedule is, but everyone needs to start looking now because these could literally hit any day.

Leave a comment when you find them, and I'll be sure to update the blog as soon as I see them in my neck of the woods!


  1. Oh man! Bubba if you happen to find these before i do think you could find me one of those Scarecrows? I think i need to have one of those and let me know which ones you are looking for and i will see if i can find them in my area for you too. : )

    1. Will do jboy! Primarily I need Spy Girl, Statue of Liberty, and Lady Gaga.

  2. That scarecrow, lady liberty & robot are being added to my wish list. I just grabbed a couple series 2, now I'll be on the lookout for 3. Thanks for posting!

  3. THis series the female have more want for me like Statue of Liberty and Spy girl. As for the male, only British Guard...

    1. I agree. I am not too crazy about any of the males in this series, although I will probably grab one or two.

  4. Does anyone have any details on the US release of Series 3? It's now just about the last week of August 2012, and as far as I can tell, they are only available outside of North America. I sent an inquiry to Playmobil USA two weeks ago, but have not heard back from them.

    1. I just called the store I find mine at, and she said they have not received them and that they are 'Backordered.' She did not have a timeframe as to when they might expect them.

      The catalogue says August and in an email I sent to Playmobil Customer Service a few months back also got the reply of August for US release.

      I assume there is some slight unforseen delay in shipping them/getting them through US distributors. I hope they arrive soon!