Lego Series 8 Man-Bat

Ninja Man-Bat, that is!

This is of course the Lego Minifigures Series 8 'Vampire Bat' slightly modified into a modern era Ninja Man-Bat via blue 'pants' and a Lego Katana.

This figure originally comes with black legs and no accessories, but that just wouldn't do, especially since he's the harbinger of my Lego Ninja Man-Bat Army which I will accumulate as I gather up as many of this figure as I can get my Lego-squeezing hands on!

Other than official bat themed Lego minifigures, this guy is pretty much the coolest minifigure to date. Previously only available in the Monster Fighters Vampire Castle, I never thought I'd get one so I am more than stoked that he's been released as a single. Even if I have to squeeze every package to get him. ;)

'Say 'hello' to my little friend!'

'I'm Man-Bat, so you have to be Pennyworth Alfred now.'
'Very good, sir.'

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