Harley Qwednesday :: "We're not the inmates you're looking for."

This supremely awesome shot was taken by my buddy Whit of Distracted by Star Wars (DBSW.net) at Celebration VI.

He also added: "The Poison Ivy Fett is my friend Jackie, aka @jackievonspanks on Instagram. She was actually dressed as Boobie Fett, a Fett inspired pinup, but got so many Poison Ivy comments that I made her pose for this pic. No idea who the Harley Quinn and Jedi Joker were. Their costumes were amazing! He had the full Jedi robes done up Joker style. He even had a lightsaber with a BANG flag on it and his belt had tons of accessories, including long balloons and a pump to make balloon animals. So cool"

Thanks for sharing this great pic, Whit!

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  1. This is an amazing an original idea!! A Jedi Joker, a Boobie Fett and a Leia Harley Quinn, Batman is dooooomed Yeah!!