Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Polybag :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

This Monster Fighters Ghost Lego minifigure set was popping up at Target last month; not sure if at press time this is still available on the shelves, but if so, go get one!

My first thought when I saw this set was that the Grandfather Clock would be great for use as a secret entrance for a custom Lego Batcave. I've done so and will post about it after Halloween.

The ghost's 'sheet' piece glows in the dark, which is just awesome.

The ghost comes with a 'ball and chain,' but how his wife became thus enchanted I do not know. HAW HAW!


  1. I believe there are TWO Targets within an hour of our Saturday destination spot! Showed my son this pic and the boy is PUMPED...

  2. Never located this one but it's cool am slowing down on the Legos with GI Joe Kre-O coming.