Target Exclusive Halloween Batman :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

You've probably already seen this guy on other toy blogs by now. I found mine way back near the beginning of September, but I had to save him for the Halloween Countdown!

This is the Target Exclusive The Dark Knight Rises Halloween Batman that is (hopefully still) available in their Halloween section.

This Batman is a repainted version of the Stealth Vision Batman that was released with the Battle for Gotham City set (also a Target Exclusive.) The biggest difference, besides the color, is that this one comes with a cape while his Battle for Gotham City version is cape-less.

This is an all around nice Batman - better than most Kenner or Mattel repaints: his armor is cool and not over done, and this color scheme is very Halloweeny yet not too far from something Batman may actually wear. It has a very Batman Beyond vibe to it!  And the cloth cape really adds to this designa nd makes it a worthy costume variant for the Dark Knight to trick or treat in!

Or one could even imagine this is a Nolanverse Azrael or even...you know who...under that mask!

Here's the card back for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Selling for $4.99, this is a neat Batman variant figure and one I am glad to have added to the Toyriffic Treasure Chest.


  1. Hey! I beat you to it!

    You're right though, this is one cool figure. I can't remember the last time I saw a seasonal action figure.

    1. Well in my defense, I had to hold onto this one until October's countdown! ;)

    2. Hmm..I guess you have a good point there. I think I might have to do a proper countdown next year. I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants this season.

      By the way, don't pay any mind to the replying under different accounts. I tend to forget which Google account I signed on with.