Creepshow 'Illustrated Fiction' :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

That's right, when this thing came out in 1982 the term 'Graphic Novel' wasn't as commonly used as it is today. But that's basically what it is. A movie adaptation graphic novel, no less!

Based on...well, you can read it all there on the cover there. Which, when my wife first saw it declared 'I think the creepiest thing on that cover is that kid. He's a little too into that comic book!'


I found this at a garage sale recently and paid all of fifty cents for it. I've yet to read it but I am sure I will enjoy it. I love Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson is of course a comic book legend.

I did like the Creepshow movies as a kid (part 2 more than Part 1,) but haven't seen them in decades.

But glancing at these illustrations, a lot of the memories of these stories in their film form came rushing back to me. This is going to make for a fun midnight read!

AAAHHH! Jeezus, Steve, don't scare me like that!

Oh, and do you see, up at the top right of the back cover: 'Illustrated Fiction.'

And at $6.95, this was a pretty pricey...ahem...comic book...in 1982!