Poisunday Ivy :: DCIH Poison Ivy Prototype

Ah, what could have been. DC Infinite Heroes was one line that had so much potential yet was sabotaged at every turn by the brain-trust that is Mattel. Making it probably the biggest toyline disappointment (for me at least) in modern times. Second only to DCUC and MOTUC - are you sensing a pattern here?

This DCIH Poison Ivy sure would have been a hit had it made it to retail. Although if it had, Mattel would have found some other way to disenchant buyers, like by charging $30 for it or by including it in a Wal-Mart exclusive seventeen pack with sixteen Batman color variants or something.

Image via ToyArk


  1. Mattel just seems like it just loves screwing everything up they do in some fashion.

  2. I actually own one of these gems. Someday I may attempt to paint it, but for now i'm too scared.

    1. I saw your work on the DCUC Poison Ivy; I think you could do wonders with this one!