Catwoman Purrrsday :: I'm dreaming of a white Catwoman

During the 'Contagion' storyline,  Catwoman donned a white snow-camo suit to head for the mountains and help Robin and Azrael find a cure for a deadly virus wreaking havoc in Gotham City.

Because...comic books.

With less than a week to go until Christmas, it seemed appropriate to glance at a few covers from the Contagion run that included Catwoman in this get-up.

Not everyone shares Selina's concern for stealth. Azreal says 'Screw subterfuge, I'm goin' in orange and ON FIRE!'

Robin also heads to the snow sans camouflage (not to mention full sleeves,) proving that Catwoman is really the only sensible member of the team. It's amazing the mission succeeded at all.

I'm pretty sure it snows a lot in Gotham City too, so the white camouflage actually makes a lot of sense, and other than the inexplicable boomerang designs on the boots it looks pretty good!

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