YesterToys :: Kitty Edition

These pics are awesome not only because they include kittens but because of those awesome Tonka toys rusting away in the weeds. That Bronco in the background had removable wheels and other sweet features. The fire truck had a retractable ladder and probably tons of tetanus microbes all over it. Yet somehow we survived childhood.

Who didn't have Tonka trucks rusting away in their backyard in the eighties? Commies, that's who!


  1. I still have a scar on my leg from a Tonka truck that rolled down a hill and ran into my shin. It gave me quite the cut.

    Do they still make the all metal Tonka trucks, or all of them made of super safe plastic now?

  2. Had a few them myself as well but again I think most of us did.

  3. Commies! Lol. I still got some old rusty Tonka out in my shed.