Is there a Dr. Whooves in the house?

Yes, yes there is. And I know what this looks like. It looks like I have a 'My Little Pony' dolly toy. But it isn't that at all.

It's insurance.

You see, I now have a toddler who will soon be a little girl who will likely someday want to play with ponies and horsies. And when that timey-wimey comes, I will bust out 'Dr. Whooves,' the greatest of all ponies, and my manliness will remain untainted!

Dr. Whooves is actually a vinyl collectible by Funko. So for all you folks out there worried you will be labeled a Brony for wanting one, relax. He's a collectible vinyl figure for adults, not a squishy Pony dolly with luxurious brushable hair.

I found him at Hot Topic, where I believe he is an exclusive.  There is a red tie version and a chase clear/sparkly version available too, but I only saw this green tie version on my excursion.

The story behind this character is that he was an unnamed background character in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon, and fans quickly took to calling him 'Dr. Whooves' because of his hourglass 'cutie mark' (ugh, I hate that term) and his wild David Tennant-esque hair...err, I mean ...mane.

'Helloooo, ladies.'

'Dr. Whooves' was later officially given the name 'Time Turner,' but fans still refer to him as the pony Time Lord 'Dr. Whooves,' and obviously Funko did too with this 'vinyl collectible' release.

Dr. Whooves is a solid chunk of plastic. You could kill someone with this thing - a plus, considering the effemitization that immediately occurs when you walk up to the cashier to buy him.

Like I said, I am no MLP fan. I have nothing against them, they just aren't my cup of tea. But I am a Dr. Who fan, and I like the craziness of this character's origins and his strange round-about rise to pop culture stardom, so this 'vinyl collectible' was something I simply could not pass up!

Now if they had only included a sonic carrot...