Harley Qwednesday & Catwoman Purrrsday :: Bunny Edition

I feel bad for that guy in the 80s coach outfit behind them. I have a feeling his tight shorts are about to get a little tighter!

Just a pic I found while perusing the net. From MegaCon 2013. Sixties Playboy Bunny versions of Catwoman and Harley Quinn!!!!

Harley Quinn is Cosplayer Nadyasonika
Catwoman is Cosplayer Jennifer VanDamsel
via Epbot

EDIT: I found one more...

and another...

I think I need a cigarette now.


  1. Why do I keep looking at this post..again..and again..and again...

  2. I am about to melt...
    these are two of my favourite cosplayers. I would add Nigri in there.

    Nadyasonika is at her best as a female X-Men Cyclops.
    And I wan to have Jennifer VanDamsel babies.

    There! I said it!

  3. I need the Harley Quinn costume! Where can I get this one?

    1. I assume it's custom, but you could always try to contact the cosplayer herself at the link to her Facebook page :)