Snakeweed and Leatherhead-ing to a store near you!

Someone on eBay has the new Leatherhead and Snakeweed action figures from the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline in hand! I won't link to them, because I think spending triple+ retail instead of looking a bit and waiting a week or two is stupid, but I do like to keep my readers informed so they know when to focus their finely tuned toy hunting skills!

Leatherhead, the 'Giant Mutant Sewer Alligator' and Snakeweed the 'Mutant Botanical Bruiser' (and good Poison Ivy goon stand-in too) are out there somewhere - good luck, toy hunters!


  1. Now I normally hate TMNT....But these figures look great. Snakeweed can be used as one of Poisen Ivy's creations and Leatherhead doubles as a great Killer Croc.

  2. What's funny is there's a new Killer Croc figure out right now (in a 3-pack I think) that looks JUST like Leatherhead!

  3. Going to be getting Leatherhead for sure and now maybe Snakeweed as well because he looks actually cool.

  4. Wow! These looks awesome!
    Ok we really have to get into these news TMNT!!!!

  5. Uh, can't we just actually search for the new leatherhead to find it? It's not exactly secret if you said WHERE you got them from.

    1. You can search whenever and wherever you want, and you're free to spend your money as wisely or un-wisely as you choose, but I sure as shit ain't linking to it!