Dolly lovers rejoice! Repro 8" Megos from Figures Toy Company coming soon!

ToyNewsInternational is reporting that the toy company Figures Toy Company will be releasing reproduction Batman, Robin, Joker and Riddler Mego dolly 'action figures.'

These dollies are currently available for pre-order with a scheduled release date of August 2013. $24.99 each - not a bad price considering what an original Mego version of any of these will set you back - unless you can luck out on a $5 Robin like I once did.

Go to their website - FiguresToyCompany.com - for more info!

Figures Toy Company has plans to re-release a whole slew of Mego Batman themed characters, as well as '66 Batman themed dolly action figures too! Okay, I admit, I'll be trying to get a Batgirl and Catwoman for sure!

Press release:

Figures Toy Company to Release Retro 8 and 12 inch Action Figures based on Batman TV Series, Retro Batman, Dukes of Hazzard, Evel Knievel, Conan The Barbarian, Tarzan, Dallas TV Series, Gilligan’s Island and a Talking Barack Obama figure

Tampa, Fl- 4-16-13

Figures Toy Company, after having success with KISS action figures is proud to be introducing the following new action figure lines: “Batman 1966 Classic TV Series”, “Retro 8 Inch Batman”, “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Evel Knievel”, “Conan The Barbarian”, “Tarzan”, “Dallas TV Series” and “Gilligan’s Island”. These figures will have cloth clothing, 16 points of articulation and accessories.  Figures Toy Company will also introduce a talking President Barack Obama 7 inch figure.

Batman 1966 Classic TV Series
CFO Anthony Balasco states, “It has been my understanding that the collectors community would enjoy collecting retro 8 inch and 12 inch action figures based on the “Batman 1966 Classic TV Series”.  When we saw that the rights were settled between the involved party’s we immediately became interested in acquiring the license”. We are proud to say that the collectors will be able to enjoy a vast selection of characters that have never been available before.  Our head sculpts will look life like and the cloth costumes will be highly detailed.  Series 1 will include Batman, Robin, The Riddler & The Joker.  Future series will include The Penguin, Catwoman, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Egghead, King Tut, Mr. Freeze, Shame, Bookworm, Mad Hatter, Batman (with removable cowl), Robin (with removable mask), The Joker in prison baseball outfit, The Joker in opera outfit, & The Joker in grey suit.  All Batman 1966 Classic TV Series figures will be available in both 8 inch & 12 inch starting early Fall 2013.

Batman Retro Action Figures
These action figures are exact reproductions of the original ones that were produced by Mego Corp back in the 1970’s.  Series one will include Batman, Robin, The Riddler & The Joker.  Future series will include Penguin, Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Batgirl and even more characters that Mego never released.  Available in 8 inch only.

Rejoice, dolly lovers, and raise a tiny cup of tea in honor of this news!

via Toynewsi and FiguresToyCompany.com


  1. I need a Riddler for my "Collection"... Thank you for this post

  2. God I hope this is true! Now I do not collect this scale but....These would be hard to not buy.

    1. I admit, I might be tempted myself, depending on price.

  3. Him and Mr. Mytlixiplict... Wanted another of him for Many years... and he would be to "scale" with my 1/6 scale figures ...Awesome...!!!

  4. I hope it is true too for I need a new Batman and my sister needs a new Robin. I still have mine but his costume is in tatters due to actually playing with him. Unfortunately, my sister lost her's somehow.

  5. Come on Eric I know you will be getting some of these. : )

  6. They just announced a whole slew of Licenses on their facebook page and their company page, Looks like not only will we get these figures, but ones based on the 1966 Batman TV Show.