Made a blind trade with Chris of Stunt Zombie fame, and his half arrived before I mailed mine (because I'm a parent of a toddler - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

We had previously discussed his Super Powers Robin (who still has the cardback/bubble, which my toddler tried to smash to hell immediately - she's an 'opener' you see) but Chris surprised me and threw in a ton of other goodies from past posts of his, as well as some great new stuff too! The Action League figures are great, especially in light of the upcoming Flashpoint animated movie. I held tight to Batman but allowed my intern to play with the others. Also included are Young Justice Kid Flash and Speedy - now I really need to get a YJ Robin! Plus, Playskool Yoda and Darth Vader, Mega Bloks Venom and movie Captain America, a little green breakdance man (and boombox and 'cardboard' pad), and a very cool early Toy Biz attempt at a superarticulated Spider-Man! The 'jack-in-the-box' and comb belong to my intern.

Speaking of...take it away, 'Vanna!'

'This early Toy Biz Spider-Man from 1990 sports 'multi jointed action poses' and was a pre-cursor to the now famous 'Marvel Legends' line and the current super articulated action figure movement. He has about seventy bazillion points of articulation I think but I can't count so I'm not positive. Back to you, Daddy.'

Thanks, intern, and thanks again Chris! I'll be looking at some of this stuff more closely as time wears on!