Poisunday Ivy :: Lego Poison Ivy Man-Mower

My Lego Poison Ivy needed a vehicle too, so I built her The Man-Mower!

The Man-Mower is obviously dragster inspired, and also a little inspired by the Animated Series Batmobile.

The Man-Mower is quite a formidable ride!

To paraphrase Alexander Knox; to photograph it, I needed a long lens.

Of course Ivy has some gardening tools at close hand...

And the vehicle is covered in foliage. I actually toned down the foliage from my initial build, which even had a leafy canopy.

Imagine those blades (not to mention that crossbow) bearing down in your rear-view mirror!

'Outta the way, meat!'

And in case those blades don't get you, the missile will!

'Hiya Red, wanna race?'

'Meep meep! Honk honk! AHWOOGA!'

The ladies pose with their rides.

'Okay Batman, race ya' for Pinks! Or are ya' too chicken?'