Transformers Kre-O Series 2 Arcee and Codes!

Transformers Kreon Series 2 have begun to hit at my local Target. I was only interested in Arcee, so I tracked down all the codes online - wouldn't you know it, Arcee is #69! Snicker snicker!

Fortunately for me, although the Series 2 Transformer Kreons were well picked over, there was still one gigglegiggle 69 haw haw left in the bunch!

Arcee turns into a rather decent looking little car. Unfortunately, to do so requires keeping track of a lot of extra parts when she's in robot mode. But as always, I applaud the effort and really like the extra level this two-mode feature gives these little Transformers Kreon minifigures.

Here are the other Code numbers for all of Transformers Kre-o Series 2. The numbers can be found on the back top corner of the minifigure packages:

66 - Bulkhead
67 - Hardshell
68 - Blight
69 - Arcee
70 - Acid Wing
71 - Vehicon
72 - Scourge
73 - Powerglide
74 - Perceptor
75 - Lugnut
76 - Hoist
77 - Groove

I might later try to get a Perceptor and maybe Hoist, when and if I find more of these. Until then, I've at least got my must-have of the bunch with little Arcee!


  1. I just saw these in Target last night. None of them have really caught my eye enough to pick them up yet though.

  2. Cool! Congrats on the find Eric.

  3. Oh wow these are already coming out?! What section of Target are they showing up in? That Arcee looks perfect. Thanks for the code.