I Love Trash!

When I was a wee lad, I would have said Grover was my favorite Fisher-Price Little People Sesame Street character. But that's because I love Grover so much. As an adult however, I think Oscar the Grouch is now my hands down favorite:

I just love the clever execution of the figure. This truly is a GREAT toy, and if it isn't in the Toy Hall of Fame it damn sure should be. Fisher-Price could have went with a full body Oscar, or one who sat in a trash can, or a head molded into a trash can, but instead they gave kids a version that popped his head up out of an unassuming trash can - in effect, giving kids the trash can toy they never knew they wanted!

Because what kids wouldn't want to make a trash can an integral part of their imaginary play time? Commie kids, that's who!

The toy is engineered in a way to allow his head to stay up (with a slight twist to the side) and is also engineered to the same base specs as all other Little People, so Oscar can use all the Little People set pieces the same as any other figure!

Fisher-Price's Oscar the Grouch is so simple yet so effective and I still to this day love popping him head up and back down into the can.

This isn't my original. I have long since lost all of those. This one came from the flea market, and I probably paid a quarter. Oscar would be proud!

I grab these guys from the flea market etc whenever I spot them (for cheap), which isn't as often as I'd like. I only have a few right now, but Oscar will always be at the top (of the trash heap!) as the coolest of them all!


  1. What a memory! I totally forgot about this.

  2. I remember this little toy but I don't think I personally owned it however it must of been my sister or one of my younger cousins maybe.

  3. WOW! I used to own this one. Thanks!!!