Batman vs. The Joker Throwdown Battle Game by Funko!

Funko just sent over their latest creation for review - Batman vs. The Joker Throwdown Battle Game!

I of course cannot play a two player board game by myself, so I once again asked Toyriffic's resident Intern for assistance:

Clearly, she was more than happy to lend a hand.

First let me say the Throw Down Battle Game comes in the best board game 'box' in the history of forever. Because it comes in a huge plastic Funko Batman! Even if you never play the game, you can use this Batman for storage of everything from Batarangs to Batcookies, or just set it on a shelf and look at it all day because it's awesome!

Everything you need to play the game comes neatly stowed inside the giant plastic Batman: a Battle Mat Game Board, Batman and Joker figures, Combat Cards, Power Boost 'Coins' and four Battle Dice!

Game play is simple but fun - my only gripe is that the game ends too quickly - but then again, that can sometimes be a good thing (ever have your kids ask at 8pm if you want to play a round of Monopoly?)

Now I have to admit, I'm terrible at understanding board game rules (it's always been a weakness of mine) so I'm not entirely sure we were playing right, but I think we got a pretty good handle on the game.*

'I rolled another 'hit', Dad. You're goin' down!'

As a kid, I always hated board games that scrimped on the gamepieces. I don't want cardboard cutouts or plastic discs with cheap crooked stickers on them - I want an actual figurine to move around the board!

Well, Funko must understand my childhood board game trauma, because they provide the real deal here - an actual Batman...

...and Joker figurine! Neat little fun-sized figures to move around the board and later to place up on your Batman shelf.

The packaging says there will be future releases of booster figures/cards and shows a graphic of  Robin and Two-Face. Future booster figures will really enhance the gameplay, giving players figure options as well as character specific Combat Card 'moves'. And as a bonus, all the new parts would still fit nicely inside the Batman container with the original parts. I look forward to adding Robin and Two-Face to our game, and I only hope a Harley Quinn and Batgirl booster figure set is in the works!

Oh, and the dice stack nicely too. A 'plus' in my intern's book!

'Okay dad, I'm going to play my 'Right Hook' card. You take one hit and you can not defend! HAHAHA victory is in the bag!'

But seriously (Why so seriously?), the best part of the game is the giant Batman container and the figures inside it. I imagine a lot of collectors will want the game for those parts alone. But the game is fun too, and if you have a young kid at home you'll both get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I doubt two adults would enjoy it as much, but then again if you are an adult buying a board game because it comes in a giant Batman container and includes a little Batman and Joker figure, you need only find a simpatico adult and you two will enjoy it plenty.

'I won...again! Geeze, I need to find a more worthy opponent!'

*I actually played the game with my 11 year old daughter, not my little intern, who is far too young for the game's recommended 7+ game play. Regardless, my 11 year old and I had a lot of fun playing, and the intern enjoyed the game in her own way: and I got to clean up the mess.

No word yet on a release date or price point for the game or booster figures, but I'll be sure to update this post when I find out.

Thanks again to Funko for sending us the game!


  1. Neat! I would buy one just for displaying purposes and a second for actually play lol.

  2. This game looks fun! Hopefully it will be release around here.

  3. pretty great, yep :) that intern is sure a cutie, ha ha :D

  4. I wish Hasbro wasn't so tight with being the only ones that can do games with the licenses they hold. I'd love a Star Wars and Marvel series like this! And there's those other ones too ;)

  5. Where does he get those wonderful toys?

    Matthew and I would love to review Batman games!

  6. Looks like the ripped off Throwdown! www.throwdowncards.com