'One Man's Trash...' is my Treasure!

A couple weeks ago I won the third 'One Man's Trash...' giveaway at one of the newer blogs on the toy and geek scene: Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture.

I discovered the blog when other bloggers were showing off their wins in the first and second giveaways, and as luck would have it the first giveaway I entered I won! And now you all know about the blog so go over there and enjoy, support, comment, and maybe you too could win when the next giveaway comes around.

But enough about you, (geez, the ego on you people!) This blog is about ME and MY trash...I mean treasures!

So without further adoodoo, here's what I won:

I can't even begin to list everything here - it's just TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF! Highlights include Michonne, Adventure Time complete Season 1, Electric Gremlin, Slimer #1 comic book, a talking ET, an original MOTU Clawful, a cute little Batgirl and a Riddler, an original G1 Huffer...comics, galore, cards galore, minifigures galore, the list goes on and on and on!

The sheer breadth and volume of stuff here makes any and all giveaways I've ever done make me look like a selfish old Scrooge McDuck.

Thanks a massive bunch to The Trash Man - go read his awesome blog: Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture.

And stay tuned to Toyriffic to see some of this great stuff in closer detail. Beginning tomorrow I will be taking part in the 2013 Halloween Countdown, some of this stuff might fit the theme, or it could be years from now when I finally get through it all. Either way, I'll see you in October! Wooowhoooooooo SPOOKY!


  1. That is a SWEET prize pack Eric!!! If nothing else PLEASE take some closer pics of the mini-figs!!! I love seeing this stuff! You got some truly epic stuff here! Congrats!

  2. Congrats! And Creepy E.T.! Yikes!

  3. Little late in commenting, but hey, I tried to include a nice mix of eras and brands, so there would be a couple items that really jumped out. Glad to see there was a few things in there that you really enjoyed.

    And I appreciate the shout-outs! Thanks!

  4. Whoa momma, that's a treasure trove! I can't wait to see what the consolation prize includes! If it contains 1/64th the goodness of the main prize I will be a very happy camper!

    Congratulations Eric and God bless the one and only Trash Man!