11/22/63 :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

11/22/63 is another Stephen King book that isn't what you would generally expect from the shock master. As the book's title and cover attest, this novel is about the assassination of President Kennedy. The twist is that this novel is a 'time travel' story; the protagonist's goal being to stop the assassination from ever happening. A simple synopsis, there is of course ,much more to it than that, and plenty of twists that are indeed worthy of the name Stephen King being printed on the cover.

11/22/63 is excellent read and one of my all time Stephen King favorites. But of course I am a big fan of the concept of time travel and multiple universes (hence my enjoyment of the Dark Tower series).

I actually read this one last year, having borrowed it from the local library. I picked up this hardcover copy to give to my sister (the previously alluded to horror fan) as a birthday present.


  1. My friend was actually telling me about this book last week, it's now on my to-read list! Sounds very interesting!