Glow in the Dark Ninja Turtles Doing What They Do Best :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

Which is...glowing in the dark!

I blogged about my Mummy Raphael during Countdown to Halloween 2012, but did not get a picture of him in all his glowy glory, nor have we seen my Retromutagen Ooze pre-mutant turtle on the blog before either!

This little glow in the dark turtle was originally available in cans of TMNT Retromutagen ooze...aka slime...back in the eighties. They're pretty sought after by collectors, I was lucky enouhg to find this one in a pile of TMNT accessories and other goodies at the flea market a few months back. And of course i got it all for cheap!

I keep both of these guys in my bedroom and enjoy being reminded of their presence whenever I shut off the lights.


  1. Whoa! That is one cool glowy Mummy Raph! How did you get the nice pics? Did you just charge up the turtles with light and use a decent camera or did you use a black light? I wanna get some decent pics of the glow-in-the-dark slime for the slimunion and if they turn out half this good it's gonna be epic!

    1. In the past I have used a black light, which works well, but I don't know where it is at the moment. My camera has a function that holds the lens open for a long time, so for these I charged them up under the light, turned off the lights, steadied the camera, and hit the button that held the lens open for a while.

  2. I usually just cut the flash off of my cam to get these kinds of pics.Even though I can't really see the figure(with lights off) in my viewer,i point the camera in the general direction and snap away!Great pic Eric ;)