Gremlins :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

I didn't see Gremlins when it first hit theatres. In fact, I only first saw it a couple years ago. My cousin had a couple of the Gizmo and Stripe pvc figurines back then, but I didn't own any Gremlin merchandise until I found this original Gizmo plush at the Goodwill a couple months back. He's pretty cute and Toyriffic's Intern enjoys hugging him and lugging him around the house. But to be honest, Gizmo never did anything for me. I've always felt the same way about E.T. While everyone else was swooning about how cute and sweet he was, I just thought he was a dumb looking lump.

I did always think the Gremlins-post-midnight-snack-mode looked pretty cool. And I did see Gremlins 2 in the theatre when it was released and thought it was ridiculous and fun. I remember having one pvc figure of Stripe at that time but don't recall having ever owned anything else 'Gremlin'.

But when Toys R Us released their exclusive electric Gremlin...piece of plastic...from Gremlins 2 I thought it was pretty clever and cool and even considered picking it up, but couldn't imagine spending money on what essentially amounted to a Gremlin shaped piece of plastic.

Fortunately I recently won a contest over at Pop Pop It's Trash Culture, and included in the prize was none other than electrical Gremlin!

I enjoy the unique nature of this thing. I also enjoy not having paid anything for it!

Happy Halloween eve!

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  1. Never was huge on the Gremlins but never hated it either. I saw the one called "Brain" i think the other day that i thought about picking up because i like the fact he had glasses and a sports coat on like a old college professor.