Lego Haunted Cemetery :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

Another Halloween themed Lego diorama! This one is less busy and more direct than my sincere pumpkin patch.

I might add some more monster elements, I considered a werewolf chasing someone across the cemetery, or maybe a vampire/coffin combo in the mausoleum, but for now I am happy with the ghost haunting the mausoleum and the zombie rising from the dead! I suppose part of the charm of this diorama is that I can alter it in a few different ways with relative ease. It's the diorama that keeps on giving!

The zombie came from last year's Halloween polybagged set that included a coffin car, with the hairpiece from the Highlander blind bagged minifigure.

The ghost is also from a Halloween polybagged set that came out last year and included a grandfather clock.

The rest of this stuff comes from our mishmash of Lego pieces collected from years of gathering them together from all sorts of sources.

In addition to, and probably moreso than the challenge of building stuff around here is the challenge of keeping it all in one piece, thanks to my intern!


My intern, I said!


  1. Very cool! I really like the way you used the brown bricks to create the zombie coming out of the ground. The mausoleum looks great, as well. Nice work!

  2. Very nice MOC! The owl is a nice touch.

    I can never seem to find good polybags, I missed out on both of these beauties! :.(