Sincere Pumpkin Patch, Lego Style :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

Grandma sent us this 'giant' pumpkin, which after building I decided must be The Great Pumpkin himself! And what to do with a Lego Great Pumpkin but to try and build the most sincere Lego pumpkin patch around?

 Are these Trick-or-Treaters or horrific outcasts from Lego nightmares? YOU DECIDE!

 Fortunately my stepson also had an old Spongebob set that was made up of orange pieces, so I was able to put 'pumpkins' of all sizes in my sincere(ly haunted!) pumpkin patch.

 That butcher minifigure was boring until I gave him a skeleton head. Now he's horrorific!

And man, do I love these skeleton horses. We have a bunch - I've accumulated plenty from secondary sources, but don't know what actual sets they originally came with. Is it a dead horse from a western set, or a ghost horse from a Knight set? Whichever it is, I won't beat it, just in case.


  1. That's awesome! Love the skeleton butcher.

  2. Awesome! Love the haunted/horror LEGOs and you made great use of them!

  3. You have some cool LEGO figures here Eric! I love your original Willa The Witch head. Where did you get her new scorpion outfit? And that skeleton head looks awesome on the butcher!

    The skeleton horses are fairly new, they're from select Castle sets from the 00's. The Mummy Monster Fighter set comes with a glow-in-the-dark version. LEGO is my all time favorite toy line, I had so many sets as a kid. I loved the Classic Castle sets mainly for the Ghosts and Skeletons!

    1. Thanks Mason. Who knows where the Scorpion outfit originated. I have collected tons of second-hand Lego over the years, some given to me, some bought at yard sales, some belonging to my kids...the witch head was part of a huge bin of Pirate and Castle stuff given to me years ago, so I assume the scorpion suit body also came from that batch, but I'm not certain. Sadly the batch did not include the witch's original body, so I had to improvise!

    2. I found out the origin of the scorpion torso, it's from a Shadow Knight, an evil faction that was part of the Knights' Kingdom II theme that ran from 2004-2005. I was in my LEGO dark ages at that time, so I didn't recognize it. It suits Willa rather well, very nice customization!

    3. Good to know, I will have to look that one up and see if I have all the pieces to complete him. I like it on the witch, it reminds me of those vinyl smocks masks used to come with in the old days.