Voodoo Man :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

I have no idea when or where this 'Voodoo Man' character appeared in the Scooby Doo cartoon. I can only assume he was either part of one of the more modern iterations of the series or that he was made up for this Mystery Micro-Figures blind bagged series 1 by Character Builders.

Regardless, to me he comes across more as some sort of Salem witch trials type character than a voodoo character. Also he looks like he should glow in the dark but sadly he does not.

I usually squeeze to figure out what I'm getting, but since I already identified Velma and Daphne, I decided to fly blind for a couple more figures, and Voodoo Man is one I ended up with. Not terribly excited or disappointed, he's kooky but does not hit my nostalgia bone at all.


  1. Perhaps he was in season 3 or the new episodes. Definitely not in one or two though.

  2. He's the Freak of Crystal Cove from season 1 of Mystery Inc., the cartoon that had the gang stationary and solving all their mysteries in the same town with larger season long mysteries taking place as subplots. An underwatched show that had some really good monster designs, which explains why they're being repurposed for this toy line.