More Than Meets the Eye Week :: Sharpen-a-Tron

This guy's identity is thus far a mystery. A TRUE Robot in Disguise! I found him along with the pile of other transforming robots I have been posting this week. Inside his right leg is marked '85 Prime Designs LTD.' He has a die-cast torso and plastic limbs/head/frontpiece.

So what's his alt mode, you ask?

He's a pencil sharpener! And his left hand is shaped to hold a pencil. Cool!

Clearly designed to cash in on the burgeoning transforming robot craze of the mid 80s, this guy (whom I have dubbed 'Sharpen-a-Tron' ) is a fun reminder of those bygone days of bringing not-toy toys to school in the guise of school supplies. I know I am not the only one who had MOTU erasers and transforming robot watches and other such items for the sole purpose of 'getting away' with bringing toys to school.

If anyone knows anyting about this guy, or remembers taking one to school in your Trapper Keeper, let me know about it in the comments!

Well, that does it for my recent transforming finds. I hope you all enjoyed More Than Meets the Eye week! Next week we will probably be back to the hodge-podge miscelleny of my normal posting schedule. Unless I hit on a thematically cohesive pile of cheap loot like last weekend.

One can only hope!


  1. I had something very similar to this, Mine had a super hard eraser rocket pack that plugged into his back .

  2. I seem to remember something like this from my forgotten youth but the memory is very hazy at the moment.