Evil Dr. Porkchop's Spaceship by Imaginext

In space, no one can hear you squeal like a pig.
One of the best moments in Toy Story 3 is when Hamm (as The Evil Dr. Porkchop) hovers on to the scene in his piggy bank shaped spaceship. I have known of this Imaginext version of 'The Evil Dr. Porkchop's Spaceship' made by Fisher-Price for a while now, and have always thought it was extremely awesome. But, not collecting Toy Story stuff, I could never justify picking it up.

But when I saw it at the local thrift store for $2 I couldn't pass on it! I was caught in it's tractor-beam and sucked into it's space-bacony goodness.

When I picked it up, something in the cockpit rattled. It's Dr. Porkchop himself!

That's one small step for pickled pig's feet... 
This spaceship originally came with this Hamm in bowler hat, as well as an Imaginext Buzz Lightyear and a barrel/bomb. Unfortunately the bomb and Buzz are missing, but finding the ship with Dr. Porkchop included - for $2 - more than makes up for the other missing bits.

I made the Kessel Run in less than 12 pork-secs.
This thing is pretty rad. I think I might bring it to work to  keep as desk-art and to brighten my day every time I look at it. I mean seriously: a pig shaped spaceship - what's not to love?

Save me, George Clooney!
Bonus: Any standard sized Imaginext figure will fit in the cockpit. I might have Batman piloting this thing on my desk at work.

Piiiigs iiiiin Spaaaaccceeeeee!!!!!!!


  1. I took pictures of this just yesterday! Have you seen the huge Evil Dr Porkchop spaceship playset ? Its like 5 times the size of this one.

    1. I've seen pics online but never saw it in person. It does look impressive though- it would make a great Mother Ship for this littler one!

  2. I didn't see the 3rd movie yet. It is on my list.

  3. I would buy it for $2! Killing deal for something so much fun.

  4. What a sweet find! Been thinking of trying to track one down as well, but similarly, it wasn't worth it for me at retail.

    1. I'm glad I found it - it had been on my radar for a while!

  5. Sweet! First time I see this toy.