2014 San Diego Comic Con :: Star Wars, Muppets, and Zombies. Oh my!

On display at the Mattel booth was this full size Darth Vadermobile, designed by Hot Wheels and soon to be a toy that you probably need to add to your collection.

Gonzo the Great! This is an actual screen used Gonzo from Muppets in Space.

And apparently Gonzo the Great made a great escape and busted loose from his glass case, because...

It wasn't until I was getting this picture ready for the blog that I noticed Gonzo in the background! He was on the floor perusing the Star Wars stuff and I totally missed him.

Seriously, that Gonzo behind the helmet wasn't a display - I don't know if that guy with him was carrying around a functional Muppet or what, but I wish I had noticed him when I was there.

Pepe Prawn was also on display.

Star Wars: Rebels had a bunch of life-sized characters on display. This sure-to-be spunky droid is named Chopper.

This Twi'lek took a liking to me and insisted I take a selfie with her. Her name is Hera Syndulla.

This Jedi Master needs no introduction. Or should I say 'No introduction, this Jedi master needs.' And notice Hera in the background checking me out. I think she was stalking me.

Comic Con is a huge place, and I got lost pretty bad. Fortunately there was this helpful map posted for those of us who had gotten confused by all the hustle and bustle.

Found it! Boy, I sure hope they have BBQ.


  1. I can see Kanye West driving around In that Darth mobile!