He's a Radical Rat :: Nickelodeon TMNT Splinter Action Figure

This fellow here is the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iteration of Splinter: father of the Teenage Mutant ninja Turtle brothers.

I found this guy at a thrift store and paid fifty cents for him, so mine is missing the walking stick he was originally released with. I replaced it with a much cooler katana (whose origins are a mystery to me) I found in a playmobil lot I picked up at a garage sale.

I didn't originally feel the need to own this guy, but for fifty cents I couldn't pass him up.

I don't know that I would pick him up if I had to pay full price. His Nickelodeon animated design is a bit on the bland side and lacks the charm of the goofy-looking original Splinter action figure. And he certainly could have benefited from the inclusion of a few weapons; the original came with a sweet hidden sword in his cane, a bow/arrow, and a couple throwing stars.

Giving him this katana does help.

Also, as a rule, a soft-goods robe would have been preferred over this molded plastic outfit. It limits the movement of his legs, although Splinter probably isn't going to be twisted into a bunch of acrobatic poses anyways.

I'm sure Splinter is still plentiful on store shelves, and a new 'Dojo Splinter' (with removeable helmet), which I think looks pretty cool, has just been released. Had I only been given the chance to own one of them, I would probably opt for Dojo Splinter as he has a little more 'oomph' than this bland Splinter. But I am also a purist and like to have 'original' versions of main characters, so if I would have owned that one first I would have probably then felt the need to track this guy down too.

So I guess the moral of the story is that I am glad to have this Splinter and any fifty cent action figure is better than no action figure at all.


  1. THis is one of the good looking Sprinter version I know. Great figure as accurate as in the animation.

  2. I just saw the new release the other day in the Bushido gear....I kind of liked it.