TMNT Newtralizer Action Figure :: 'She turned me into a newt!'

'I got better.'
Newtralizer! Another brand new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure release (along with the new Slash reviewed yesterday.)

Although I have not seen the episode in which Newtralizer appears, his design had me captivated from the second I saw it online, and I am glad to be able to add him to my action figure collection.

Fist of all: 'Mutant Newt.' There is not one single part of that  two word sentence that isn't slopping over with 'awesome.'

Second, this guy's look just screams his 'nineties EXTREME!!!!' superhero comics influences. From Punisher to Judge Dread to all those idiot 'superhero' creations with more pouches than personality, Newtralizer is one modern TMNT design that hits on all cylinders.

Newtralizer is a Kraang killing bounty hunter (he even has the Kraang tentacles hanging from his belt to prove it!) and of course any child of the Star Wars generation knows there are few things cooler than bounty hunters.
 Newtralizer comes with two weapon accessories: a bladed disc...

...and a knife that fits into a sheath on his leg-strap!

The removable knife is a nice touch and one that could have been skipped by the manufacturer for a myriad of reasons, so it's great to get it here. In my humble opinion, a toy with a stowable weapon is better than a toy with non-stowable weapons any day of the week.

I suppose you could also count his wrist mounted 'guns' as weapons too (or even his unpainted tail blade), but they are part of the sculpt and not actual accessories.

As with Slash, there are two reported variations of Newtralizer being found - one with grey weapons and one with brown weapons. I've seen them both in person, and I think the grey 'metal' looking weapons are far superior to weapons that match Newtralizer's skin tone, but you are free to choose whichever YOU think is best when you are out hunting this guy down.