Let's Be Frank! Real Ghostbusters Frankenstein's Monster :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

This jolly green fellow here is the 'Real Ghostbusters' version of Frankenstein's Monster.

I was never into The Real Ghostbusters action figure line as a kid, and am not really into it now. There were too few movie relevant characters (like Stay Puft) and far too many oddball ceations, like this no-quite-Universal-Monsters Frankenstein. That said, they do have their charms, but they don't really show up all that often on the secondary market (aka the flea market and garage sales I frequent.)

But I found Franklin here at the flea market a few weeks ago and had to have him for my Countdown to Halloween!

The Real Ghostbusters figures all seemed to have overly goofy action features. When you squeeze Frank's legs together his jaw opens and his arms raise up. Horrifying!

He kind of looks like Richard Moll, who played Bull Shannon on Night Court.


  1. Cant go wrong with a Frankenstein Monster.

  2. The monochromatic ghosts were the best thing that come of The Real Ghostbusters toy line. That and the Slimer figure.

    Still, I like anything from that toy line, including Franky here. :)

    1. Don't forget about Stay-Puft! He's pretty great too!

    2. Stay-Puft is awesome!

      Also, I've been rewatching the cartoons and Franky does make a brief appearance, along with Werewolves and vampires.