LEGO BatHorse

Of all the iconic comic book moments that have been translated to film, one I hope they toss into the upcoming Batman v Superman movie is Batman on a horse.

Fun BatFact: A Batman (or at least Bruce Wayne - I don't remember exactly how it played out - no Fun BatFact Checking for me!) on a horse scene was actually in the original '89 movie script but was scrapped for whatever reason. The scene did make it to the movie novelization.

Anyways, I took my recently acquired Decool BatBootLEGO and gave him a LEGO BatHorse to hold me over until the magic of cinema can bring me that moment.

With all the movies Batman will be in as we move forward into the glorious BatFuture, you know it is only a matter of time before we see Batman on a horse on the big screen.

Of course I couldn't just go with a plain black horse - I added the red knight horse helmet, which looks sufficiently batty and also works into the red on black color scheme that the 66 Batmobile has made iconic. To the BatBarn!


  1. That horse riding scene is the reason why we got Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale instead of Sean Young. ;-)

    That is a rather bat-ass horse you've built there.