Action League Brave and the Bold Batmobile

We awoke to go garage sale-ing the other day, only to find the sky full of foggy wet drizzle. But knowing at least one of our planned stops was an indoor rummage sale, we went anyways. Thankfully we did, because there actually were a few people having garage sales, and they were as surprised by the weather as we were - so much so, they just wanted their wet stuff gone. That's how I got this Action League Batmobile for free!

Well technically it might have cost me a nickel or so, the guy just said to take whatever we wanted for a dollar, and we ended up loading a couple bags of toys for my intern and her cousin.

When I returned home I tossed in my own Imaginext Batman to see how well he'd work in it, and he fits quite well; although now it's a one-seater instead of two! Also, I only have one or two Action League figures and they never really did anything for me. I'm not a big fan of the style their aesthetic.

But the Brave and the Bold Batmobile is one of my all time favorite Batmobile designs! This version is slightly stylized - there's an open cockpit instead of the double-bubbles as it appeared in the cartoon, plus it's a little bit stumpy. But it still looks great with an Imaginext Batman on board!

It's a little dusty and has a few scrapes and dings from being played with, but that just means I will have no problem letting my intern play with it, or me playing with it when we have adventures together! Vroom vroom!

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