Harley Quinn by Miramay Cosplay :: Harley Qwednesday

Get an eyeload of these awesome Harley Quinn cosplay pics from Miramay Cosplay!

And dig that MASSIVE mallet!

These pics were sent in by Miramay's boyfriend Charles, the cosplaying Joker to her cosplaying Harley!

Charles said 'My girlfriend does a fantastic Harley and I think she would really love to be surprised with a post on your blog.'


Miramay makes a fantastic Harley Quinn indeed. Your Joker ain't half-bad either, Charles.

It ain't half good, but it ain't half bad!

HAW HAW HAW! (Just kidding Charles. Don't shoot!)

Charles also added that they met at a convention and '...both really love the characters but had never cosplayed them because so many do. We went way out of our way to build things we had never seen done, including her hammer, which is 4" around, 5" long, and 7" tall.'

These cosplay pics were taken at Magfest and Katsucon.

Charles and Miramay are from the DC area and according to Charles they are working on other related costumes.

I'm pretty sure the collaboration process looks exactly like the pic above!

Thanks to Charles for sending along these pics for today's Harley Qwednesday.

And be sure to check out more of Miramay at her Facebook page.

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  1. Those two make a great Joker and Harley. Oddly enough, seeing Charles in makeup kinda makes me think Steve Coogan would make a decent Joker.