LEGO Greedo Minifigure (via Wald)

A few years back my step-son got the LEGO Podrace set 7962: Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers. The podracers are a ridiculous component of a ridiculous movie, but they made for a pretty fun LEGO build. The set included Anakin's buddy Wald, who is about as useless as, well Greedo. But Greedo is cooler, so I stole Wald's head and put together a close approximation of Greedo's body.

Now I have the one-shot-wonder in all his Rodian minifigure glory! Oonta gooonta, Solo!


  1. That head sculpt looks awesome good for a Lego.

    1. It's pretty great, and unlike a lot of more detailed modern LEGO heads, it's hard plastic and not the softer rubber of some.

  2. With some help from a lighter and a drill press you can also make a special "blasted" Greedo variant!

  3. Love it. Glad you salvaged something from Episode 1. I never had any idea that character's name was Wald. What a dork.