Imaginext Bioshock Inspired Pirate Dive Armor

I try (and often fail) to keep my Imaginext collection limited to DC comics themed stuff, while also skewing more towards the denizens of Gotham City. But Imaginext is SO COOL that sometimes I have to step outside city limits and grab some other epic piece. Case in point, this Pirate Dive Armor, which is clearly the pre-school answer to Bioshock's Big Daddy.

Equal parts steampunk, early 20th century dive suit and direct Bioshock homage, this guy is as irresistible as he has been hard to find at retail.

I prefer to have the dive suit piloted by my Imaginext Creature from the Black Lagoon...

...but my intern thinks the diver that came with the Dive Suit is the proper choice.

Either way, one of the neatest aspects of this Pirate Dive Armor is that proportionally speaking it is basically just a giant Imaginext figure.

Besides an opening cockpit that fits most basic Imaginext figures (Batman has a hard time squeezing in because of his large gauntlets, but Killer Croc fits just fine), there's an oxygen tank on the back with a button that makes the left arm move up and down (and those gears spin too). Otherwise the articulation is almost the same as smaller Imaginext figures - legs move at the hips, shoulders rotate up and down, and wrist rotation. It also comes with a drill-gun accessory inspired by the drill arm of the Bioshock Big Daddy.

"Ahhh, that's better!"

You can even see the face of whatever figure you have piloting it through the portal!

The diver that comes with the Dive Suit is similarly clad in his steampunk inspired scuba suit. It would have been nice if he would have also come with a smaller dive helmet, but whatyagonnado?

If you want your own Imaginext Pirate Dive Armor, you'll be hard pressed to find it at retail, or at retail price anywhere online besides the Amazon link below (which is how I got mine!) So why don't you...

...wait for it...

...take the plunge!

HAW HAW HAW diver humor!


  1. Blind bag series 5 just showed up in CA. It has: werewolf, ghost, Cyclops, genie, samarai/martial artist, queen, crash test dummy and human fly. Like Baxter Stockman kind of fly. Pics are at AFI imaginext forum

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    1. You like it so nice you had to say so twice ;)