Catwoman Purrrsday :: Custom LEGO Catmobile

The modern LEGO Catwoman minifigure originally came with a motorcycle. DULLSVILLE! Catwoman needs a car, so I made her one!

I wanted to make the Catmobile carry some Batmobile aesthetics, but with a Cat theme instead of a Bat theme (natch.) I gave it a tail, some claws/fangs, and...

...a cat face up front that rotates to a 90 degree angle or slides back for high speed pursuits (or more apt: escapes.)

'Ramming speed!'

The cockpit is a removable piece, with Catwoman fitting snugly inside.

I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied with my custom Catmobile, as I tend to work on and update stuff like this over and over again for months on end. But at this juncture I think it's pretty neat.

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  1. Great job! I find very reminiscent to Catwoman's Kitty car from the Batman TV series.