Pretty Fly for an Imaginext Guy Series 5

"Heeelp meeeee!"
Of the three Imaginext figures I picked up from Series 5, I am most excited about the Mutant Fly.

I can still remember the first time I saw the Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly, I loved it, and it led me to track down the original Vincent Price version, which I loved even more. Heck, I even remember liking The Fly 2, although I haven't seen any of them since the mid to late eighties.

Regardless, when I learned Imaginext had a mutated man-fly as part of their blind bagged Series 5 I was elated, and in hand this little buzzer does not disappoint!

Not-Baxter-Stockman comes with some sort of exterminating fumigator that clips to his back. It reminds me a lot of the Ghostbusters' proton pack, especially with the circle/slash on this guy's hat. The translucent wings look really nice and the paint applications are simple but well done and in all the right places.

Something odd I noticed, however, is that Fly Guy has three fingers and a thumb on his 'human' hand. Most (if not all) Imaginext 'human' figures have four fingers and a thumb. Weird.

Anyways, Series 5 is only showing up at Walmart (so far,) and the following embossed codes can be seen on the back upper corner of the packages:

63 - Chinese Warrior
66 - Genie
65 - Fly-Man
68 - Crash Test Dummy
70 - Cyclops
71 - Warrior Queen
74 - Werewolf
75 - Ghost

Honestly, the Ghost is great and the Werewolf is loads of fun, but if I could only have one from Series 5, it would be this (fly) guy!


  1. Dont know if have seen it but there is a pretty neat 5 pack of monsters : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Imaginext-Monsters-Mad-Scientist-Lab5-Pack-Frankenstein-Dracula-Mummy-Zombie-/291552232483?hash=item43e1de0423

    1. I saw that - it's great they are making it so people who aren't out madly chasing the blind bags can get a nice Monster starter pack!

  2. But have you seen Return of the Fly and Curse of the Fly? I can't blame you if you haven't seen the last one, it's not great.

    1. I've seen Return of the Fly now that I think about it, but not Curse of the Fly. Man, all this B-movie talk has me missing UHF.

  3. I have to wonder if he's still exterminating insects, or are humans the pests now?

  4. Here we stopped getting them in stores with series 2...