Imaginext Blind Bag Series 5 Werewolf (Plus Imaginext Blind Bag Series 5 Codes!)

On an out-of-town excursion I finally found the Imaginext Blind Bag Series 5 figures (at Wal-Mart). I'm about 99% positive the Imaginext Blind Bag Series 5 is a Wal-Mart exclusive series. No one has found them anywhere else (myself included.) If you can prove me wrong, let me know!

Anyways, I picked up my three absolute must-haves from this wave, and at the top of the list was The Wolfman!

Wolfman (or Werewolf) comes with a chain accessory to bind him, but you just know the villagers didn't take into consideration his increased strength once the moon is full! LUNCH TIIIIME! Yum, villagers!

Wolfman has a more sleek and hunched physique than the standard Imaginext figures, and canine-esque legs and feet too. He's simple but fun and while his expression isn't terribly sinister (perhaps he was just kicked in the nards?) he's hard to resist if you're an Imaginext fan.

Fans are in love with the classic horror figures Imaginext has released thus far; I'm on that bandwagon even though I never set out to do so. I didn't pick up Dracula when I had the chance and never found Frankenstein's Monster, so my squad is a bit lean, but I do have the Witch, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Zombie,and Mummy, not to mention a couple more from Series 5 to be reviewed soon!

If you're looking for Series 5 figures yourself, first off, you need to find a Wal-Mart. Then, you need the following codes. The numbers are embossed on the upper left back of the bags, so you have to look closely, but they're reliable and save you time over the tried-and-true squeeze method!

63 - Chinese Warrior
66 - Genie
65 - Fly-Man
68 - Crash Test Dummy
70 - Cyclops
71 - Warrior Queen
74 - Werewolf
75 - Ghost


  1. Wal-Mart always stays one series ahead. (Series 1 was an exception, as it was the only series that went to TRU.) Some kind of agreement with Mattel I guess. When Series 6 hits Wal-Mart, Series 5 will show up at Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and wherever else you are finding them.

    1. Ah interesting. I hadn't realized Wal-Mart was so ahead of the curve on these.

  2. I can't wait to find these! They keep putting in more and more monster characters each series.

    1. It's amazing the level of attention the monster theme is getting, especially considering it's focused primarily in the blind bag releases and not in any main line.

  3. Nice! Imaginext is really killing it with these blind bag figures! I actually have a Franky and and Dracula that I'm hoping to send to a new home. I'm strictly only collecting space themed figures from this line because I have to limit myself somehow.

    1. I might have to provide a good home for Frank and Vlad.

  4. Wish we could find these around here.