Super Powers Mantis

I know I blogged about my Super Powers Mantis years ago when I found him at the flea market, but he was in that random box I mentioned where I unearthed my Rumble Ready Riddler, so I figured he deserved another shot at stardom here on Toyriffic!

I didn't follow the Super Powers line back in the eighties, but it has been fun gathering together the odd figure now and then in my adulthood. I now own Aquaman, Steppenwolf, Joker, Robin, Darkseid, Parademon, Brainiac and Mantis. And the Batmobile! Still no Batman though. Sure, I could jump on eBay and pay inflated prices for one, but the fun of not technically collecting a line is that I only pick them up on the super cheap when they pop up randomly. Sure they may not be complete or mint but did I mention I like them cheap? I like my action figures like I like my women: incomplete, play worn and cheap.  JUST KIDDING!

Anyways Mantis is a great looking robotic Fourth Worlder. He was completely redesigned for the Super Powers line and looks like he may have been inspired by Star Wars. His 'action feature' is ridiculous but also invisible and doesn't require any special knobs or buttons: squeeze his legs together and his arms sway back and forth. FUN!


  1. Always loved this one. Thankfully I still own the one from back in the days.

  2. I had every single one of these as a kid. Man, I wish I still had them.