Rumble Ready Riddler

Man how time flies! I picked up this Batman: The New Batman Adventure Mission Masters Rumble Ready Riddler at a toy show almost four years ago. I can't believe how much my intern has grown since then!

Anyways, I only just opened him up last night after digging him out of a box of random toys that really need to be blogged about.

I had wanted this version of The Riddler since it was released in 1999, but never did find it at retail. So I was ecstatic to find him MOC for only five bucks. FOUR YEARS AGO!

Rumble Ready Riddler comes with a Question Mobile that shoots a Quiz Missile. Yup.

The Quiz Missile works as a pseudo question-mark cane. It isn't quite long enough to serve as a cane, but it looks good in Riddler's hand.

This 'updated' TNBA Riddler design reminds me of A Clockwork Orange. I like the simplicity of the design. And the derby. Or is it a 'vernacular'?

The purple slippers are hilarious. I do greatly appreciate that even though this Riddler is a pretty basic sculpt, his legs were sculpted to give him a slight cotra-posto stance. And unlike JLU figures, he can actually stand on his own even with those itty bitty slippered feet!

"Tally-Ho, Batguv'ner!"

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