Empire Strikes Bossk

Brian of It's Trash Culture gifted me this sweet Bossk that he scored as part of an even bigger Kenner Star Wars score he, well, scored.


Bossk was one of my favorite Star Wars action figures when I was a kid. I also had a Y-Wing that I received for my birthday or Christmas around the same time I got Bossk, and I always used it as his go-to spaceship. The Y-Wing was one sweet vehicle, it even dropped a bomb, which is ridiculously impractical because, you know, they are in space!!

I got rid of all my original Star Wars action figures sometime in the mid eighties (stupid stupid stupid!) and although I've picked many up since then via garage sales, flea markets, trades etc etc, Bossk has for some reason always eluded me. Getting him again brought back a flood of joy and memories! I love him all over again - reunited and it feels so good!

And what's a Bounty Hunter without a Bounty? Bryan also sent along this super articulated Chewbacca who is apparently playing air-bass. Bring da funk, Wookie-o!

Thanks again Brian! You rock!


  1. Bossk has continued to grow on me over the years. I never owned him as a kid, as we joined the game at ROTJ and POTF point (since you don't give these things to a three and one year old). But, I like that Bossk became a more fully fleshed out character in the Clone Wars series, and I have an ever-increasing fondness for my CW Bossk.

    Consequently, I have Mighty Muggs Bossk, Wacky Wobbler Bossk, Hero Masher Bossk, Black Series Bossk, Unleashed Bossk, Galactic Heroes Bossk, and 20" Jakks Pacific Bossk. Now, all I need is vintage Bossk, Unbox's Bounty Hunter Nesting Dolls, Sideshow 1/6 Bossk, and a Funko Pop! Bossk. Then I'll be all Bossk'ed out.

    P.S. You have super friends!

    1. Amazing that there is that much Bossk stuff out there!

  2. Oh, there's definitely more. I just either don't have it or want it. Surprising, considering how I can get a little focused. Just a little.

  3. Bossk was my favourite STAR WARS figurine as a kid.